Mission Partners


Gillian and Carlos Olaaka are based in Kampala, Uganda, living with their 2 sons Josiah and Judah (aged 6 and 3 as of mid-September 2017). Gillian (née Murphy), daughter to Peter and Sheila Murphy, has been a member of KOTG since birth, passing through various stages of Sunday School, Musi-Kids and Youth Club first as a participant and then a leader, and also a member of the Worship Group. She first travelled to Uganda in 2001 with a team of 4 others for a 5 month Crosslinks/Oasis Trust SMILE volunteer placement carrying out various child-focused activities particularly linked to a Baptist church. Thereafter she returned to Uganda in April 2002 and spent the next 10 years volunteering in various levels with the Christian founded NGO Oasis Uganda, including being the Country Director for 4 years, with a particular focus on the ‘Bambejja’ programme for slum dwelling girls. In February 2012, Gill joined Abaana Ministries, another Christian organisation sharing the gospel and giving practical support to children in need,  which sponsors over 1400 children in schools and runs a programme to help rehabilitate street boys and resettle them with families. A choir from Abaana spent 4 months in UK and Ireland in 2017 and was blessed to be hosted by Kill of the Grange in March 2017. Gill also provides support to Frontline, a partner project which runs an outreach programme for street children. Carlos runs a personal business in the area of tourism, and participates in mission and outreach whenever possible, having a heart and call for evangelism. Carlos and Gill are active members of their church One Life, which was planted from Calvary Chapel Kampala, a church they attended for 10 years. They are both on the prayer team, Carlos helps with logistics, and Gill participates in the worship ministry.  They are currently studying a long distance Certificate in Theology together which is hugely enjoyable and beneficial.

“We are so thankful to have a home base in KOTG, where we know we receive regular prayer and can truly rely on various prayer warriors! We have also been blessed by financial support on a regular basis– both by generous individuals and the church as a whole – which is of enormous help. We feel part of the congregation even though we only come to spend a few Sundays every 2 years or so. The body of Christ is manifest well through the sense of unity and the deep affection and love we experience from KOTG. Anyone is welcome to come and visit our home in Uganda any time. We send warmest prayers and regards to all.” – Gill and Carlos