Sunday Club

Sunday Club is on every Sunday during the 10:30 a.m. service. Sunday club is for anyone in Junior Infants right up to 3rd Year Secondary School. In Sunday Club we learn about God through playing games, doing art and crafts, singing songs, praying, reading the bible and having discussions.

Sunday club is split into four different age groups and classes which are:

Bubbles – Jnr & Snr Infants

Splash – 1st-3rd Class

X-stream – 4th-6th Class

JYF – 1st Yr-3rd Year

There is a team of wonderful volunteers in our church who take turns to teach the different classes. These brilliant volunteer leaders take lots of time to prepare, plan and pray for the children and young people, without them we would not be able to have such a vibrant and extensive children’s ministry in our church.

Regarding teaching material in Sunday Club, we use the Scripture Union Light-Live online teaching syllabus and material ( which provides the teachers with a vast range of resources for each Sunday club class. In Sunday Club we try to look at the same passages and verses as the congregation look at, which I think encourages a wonderful sense of unity within our church. The idea is to encourage unity in our church when it comes to our learning. It is as important to explore issues of faith and God at home as it is in church.  The hope is that families will go home and talk about what they have learnt as they sit around the dinner table.

Whether you’re in church every week or you’re just visiting, all children are welcome at Sunday club.

Email Jonathan for more information.