Launch of our New Giving Scheme

Kill O’ The Grange has run a successful Financial Stewardship Scheme since 2001 which supports the work of our Parish now and in the future. How we contribute is up to each of us in terms of investing our time, skills and money. Each person’s circumstances vary; some can give much, some a little. Financially, you can contribute weekly, monthly or annually – it’s up to you.
If you already contribute and you wish to increase or otherwise change your giving, this can be done at any time. If you do not wish to join the scheme, your regular offering can be made each Sunday in the usual way.

Tax Relief

One of the significant benefits of joining the scheme is the availability of tax relief on contributions above a minimum level. This can mean for example that an annual contribution of €250 could result in a refund to the Parish of a further €174.

Kill is a Self Funding Community

At Kill we rely entirely on our parishioners’ generosity. Over the next while, we look forward to sharing with you the mechanics of the scheme and outlining how each of us can continue to play an active role in this vital part of Parish life.

For more information on how you can get involved please click below to download the information flyer and sign-up form.

Information Flyer / Sign-up Form